Bot love

He’s a DJ. So he’s on Instagram, hustling up an audience, building a following, and hoping they’ll show up for a gig, or, at least, download some tracks. He’s based in Boulder.

She’s a cam girl. So she’s also on Instagram, also trying to find customers. She lives somewhere in Arizona.

Both of them use bots to build their followers. (A bot is a program that seeks out likely matches for your profile, then automatically adds comments and follows to your account. It looks personal, but it’s an algorithm. Usually the comments are along the unspecific lines of, “Nice shot,” or “Great feed!”.)

His bot posted on her feed. Her bot posted on his. He followed up with a message, and she answered. Things progressed to Skype for a few weeks. Finally, she flew to meet him. The hit it off in real life, in meat space, in whatever you want to call the so-called real world.

It didn’t last. It’s a dirty, open secret that love seldom does last. But for about six months, they had vibes and feels and were baes, I guess.

None of which would have been possible a few years ago.

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