Aftermath: Available Now

photo by tim roessler timothy roessler of the parking lot of the King Soopers in Table Mesa

My photobook/zine, Aftermath, is available for ordering.

You can find it here

It’s about the moment after a mass shooting, in this case the slaughter in Boulder, Colorado. It gets around the clichés you’re all used to and tries to tell the truth slant as Emily Dickinson told us to.

I took all the photos within a 100-yard radius. Everything in that circle is within the range of the automatic weapon the shooter used to slaughter 10 people.

My hope is that by taking a sideways but granular view of this atrocity, we can see its dimensions — slant and new and ready to be faced, felt, and considered carefully.

4 thoughts on “Aftermath: Available Now

      1. The zine has just arrived to my door this afternoon and I did nothing but look at this for hours. I have to say that your story really impresses me. Not only that the photos are very well taken, but your way of telling the story is also touching. I love the idea of “100 yards”, it involves viewers into the place. I had impression that I was really there. I also love the way you use flash to capture memorial things that peole leave on the fence. Thank you for this emotional story and photo.

        P.s: Btw, the paper of the zine format from Blurb sometimes reflects poorly shadow detail. I’d would increase shadow brightness a bit to have more details (on the final print).


      2. Thank you very much for spending time with the book and for your lovely comments. I really appreciate hearing what you thought of the work — particularly since your words are so kind. (And thank you as well for the tip about shadow detail — the next edition will reflect your suggestion.)

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